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When you are looking out to rent or purchase a commercial office spaces in Pune, you need all the help you can get. This bustling city is your backyard. You want to conquer it. You are ambitious. But you need a place, a headquarter which will be home to all your business triumphs. We at Lenden understand your property's requirements. We also understand Pune like the back of our hands. We are aware of every new speckle in the zillion constructed apartments around the Pune city. Be it a stop-gap arrangement, your office's mooring point or be it expanding your presence with another office in a different corner of the Pune city, we have your requirements covered.

At LenDen you will be able to find huge, qualified options of Commercial properties as well as Residential properties located in Pune city.

LenDen was formed in 2004 with the sole ambition of fulfilling every citizen's requirement for a Property like office, home or abode. In the years to follow, we have provided many citizens find their new dwellings. Even currently, we can help nearly 200 offices and 500 residents find new addresses across 80 different locations in the Pune city, all in a day! We specialize in our understanding of the sprawling real estate world of Pune. Be it exclusive plush commercial offices, showrooms, shops situated at various advantageous, lucrative, popular locations of your choice or be it your need for a comfortable, pleasant, stylish and affordable homes in and around Pune, you will never go wrong by choosing us.